Whitepaper: When and How to Use Virtualization in Embedded Systems Design (and How a Hypervisor Helps)


In application areas such as Industrial IoT and automotive, there is a strong need to combine more software-based functions in fewer hardware components.
This is achieved through aggregation, putting all functions into the same device. Here, "virtualization" is used for this software aggregation.
For cloud server applications, containers are currently known as a relatively lightweight solution. However, when embedded systems have a safety and security aspect, one has to resort to other solutions. Hypervisors, which have been used in the embedded area for years, offer a very safe and secure solution.
In this whitepaper, we discuss containers and the four different hypervisor types. Furthermore, we will present a new real-time hypervisor based on an innovative multikernel technology RTOS with POSIX interface and explain how to achieve better performance and freedom from interference (FFI) on multi/manycore hardware.